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Who is Suresh Joachim

Suresh Joachim is a film actor, producer, Canada # 1 Guinness World Record Holder and CEO Suresh Joachim International Inc. He has broken over 50 Guinness World Records, and captured international public attention doing the seemingly impossible,and by breaking astonishing world records in many categories.

What is truly amazing about Suresh is that he can learn anything very quickly in a short time. Suresh Joachim will be using the platform for becoming # 1 in the world to promote his yearlong dream of the “World Peace Marathon”.The final day celebration will start the beginning of Suresh Joachim toughest journey towards eradicating suffering people Spatially children from poverty disease & war.

His attempt to fulfill his dreams of “No Poverty, No Disease, No War”

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World Peace Marathon

The World Peace Marathon is Suresh Joachim`s vision for a better tomorrow. A better, healthier, more – stable and war free tomorrow for the children of the world. Over the past 15 years, Joachim has tirelessly broken world records, most of them endurance based. He has done this only in the interest of charity. Today, with the vision of the World Peace Marathon becoming a reality, Suresh needs all the support he can get.

The Marathon will have Suresh running in over 76 countries and 120 cities.

On December 25, 2017 at 12:00am Suresh will set out on a journey of a lifetime. Beginning in Bethlehem and ending in Toronto, Canada, Suresh will carry the Peace Torch the entire way. Along the way he will be greeted and joined by Heads of State, other dignitaries and celebrities alike. The purpose of this Marathon will be to accumulate One Billion Dollars through his websites.

During his marathon, Joachim will have a running petition linked to all of his active websites to garner over 500 million signatures in favor of “World Cease Fire Day” and will also Endeavor to raise over 1 billion dollars in funding in support of Suffering Children around the world.

World Cease Fire Day will signify the day when the heads of state and all the powers that be come to a human understanding, to cease all forms of civil & national war in the hope of one day having “No Poverty, No Disease above all No War”.

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Suresh Joachim Peace Park

Thrust in God, Believe Yourself,

Never ever give up, that’s your Victory (Suresh Joachim)

The peace flame is a symbol of the world peace Commemorating the fire from the Jesus birth place

from Bethlehem a fire will be kept burning throughout the world peace marathon celebration of the world

ceasefire day. The fire will be introduced at the world peace marathon 25th

Suresh Joachim the man of peace who say no poverty no disease no war

Suresh Joachim Peace Park will be the place for peace, motivation and inspiration


Features of Suresh Joachim Peace Park

1) World Peace Marathon torch will be settled and maintain indefinitely. Largest peace touch foundation will be provided for the peace torch.

2) Flags of 190+ countries will be flew in the Peace Park

3) 190+ Peace touch stone

4) Suresh Joachim life time World Records will be presented in statues.

5) All the Suresh Joachim historical media contents and costumes of World Records will be presented.

6) The museum will be surrounded by peace park

7) An auditorium will be provided for the community events

8) A motivation training school will be provided

The peace park will be inaugurated on 1st August 2016